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Tosei Group Co is involved in exporting used construction machinery and heavy equipment of known Japanese manufacturers, and new products of Kato Works Co.,Ltd. to the Asian-Pacific region. We are pleased to introduce Tosei Group Co as the organization with strong reputation, with stable Asian machinery market share, reliable partners and permanent clients. We are determined to be a qualified partner to our worldwide customers.
Having worked on the market for more than seven years, we found the key to success - an organic combination of good price, quality of production and excellent service. Before purchasing the machine, our employees always visit the place where the unit is located and check it on working condition. We do our best to make our clients being satisfied with our work, because the permanent contact with the buyer before implementing an inquiry is the keystone to success in our business.

One of our new projects is a new program which enables mining companies to purchase heavy machinery by instalments up to 12 months with the first fee of 10-20%. This project is primarily aimed at Russian market, which is considered to be one of the most voluminous one. Russian market is the destination for more than 60% of our export machinery. Following market changes and for more comfort of our customers, we sell our machinery using leasing or delayed payment options. It is the best solution for our customers due to high credit interest rate in Russia and specific working process of the mining companies especially in the coal and gold industries. We also established our daughter enterprise which is engaged into adapting the machinery to Russian severe climate and customers support. 

For more than seven-year history of working with foreign markets, we have accumulated considerable experience, which allows us to provide legal and information support about mining industry in Russia. We are helping our Russian partners in mining industry to enter Japanese market. Meanwhile, we are assisting Japanese companies, which are interested in Russian coal industry or investment into it, to search for partners in Russia and secure their business deals.

Presently Tosei Corporation  is engaged in not only consulting services to Russian coal companies, but also directly participates in coal mining and logistics projects going through Far East harbours of Russia.
Considering that coal industry is one of the most dynamic and growing industries in Russia, our company attempts to unite its knowledge and expertise in Russia with financial resources in Japan to implement joint projects. Currently, we are working on the project of establishing port coal terminal in Far East of Russia.

Our motto is "Keep improving, offer reliable equipment and better service to the customer".

We would be at your service at any time.